Slack connector for JIRA server


  • Send a notification to Slack channel
  • Create a dedicated channel for urgent issue
  • Filter setting by JQL
  • Can connect multiple Slack teams per project
  • Custom Slack message format per channel . See detail Message format
  • Send a direct message when someone mentioned me . See detail Direct message

To create Slack app:

Step 1: Sign in your Slack team at

Step 2: Go to this link

Step 3: Input App Name, select Development Slack Workspace then click Create App

Step 4 : Setup permissions , Click on OAuth & Permissions and setup permission as below

To set up Slack app for Jira:

Precondition: Already created slack app

Step 1: At Basic Information of Slack API page, scroll down to App Credentials

Step 2: Click on Show button at Client Secret, copy Client ID and Client Secret

Step 3: Log in to JIRA Server as an administrator

Step 4: Choose Settings button at top right corner

Step 5: At drop down menu, select System

Step 6: At the left hand side, scroll down until Slack Integration option > choose App setting

Step 7: At App Credentials tab, paste Client ID and Client Secret at step 2 to text field then copy the Redirect URI

Step 8: Back to Slack API page, select OAuth & Permissions at left side menu

Step 9: Paste the Redirect URI at Step 7 to text field the click on Add button

Step 10: Click on Save URLs button → Done

To Add slack team and set up notification:

Step 1: Log in to JIRA Server as an administrator

Step 2: Select your Current Project from "Projects" dropdown on the top menu

Step 3: Expand the left menu, click on 

Step 4: At the left hand side, scroll down until Slack Integration option 

Step 5: Click on button

Step 6: Click on Authorize button

Add slack team done

Step 7: Click on Configure button to set up notification

Step 8: At General tab, configure Channel to receive notification at

Step 9: Add your filter at

Step 10: Choose which event to be triggered at

Step 11: Select Message Format tab to input message for notification

Step 12: Enter your message in JSON format. See how to custom message format in details at Message format

Step 13: Click on Send Test button. Then log in Slack app to review the message

To test Slack notification : Create an issue , then you will got a message in configured channel

To create a dedicate channel for urgent issue:

Step 1: Log in to Jira then select an issue that need to dedicate channel

Step 2: Scroll down to Activity section, select drop down menu and choose Slack Discussion

Step 3: Click on Setting icon

Step 4: At channel setting, input Channel name and click on Invite User to add slack member to channel

Step 5: Then click on Create channel

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