Slack CLI

  • User need to connect Slack profile to their JIRA profile, please see the setup instruction at here
  • All CLI command will check their JIRA permission before executing


  • Create issue in Slack channel
  • Comment issue in Slack channel
  • Search issue in Slack channel
  • Get issue in Slack channel

Setup guide

For formatting issue's description or issue's comment field. Please use wikimarkup


--jira create-issue --project TEST --summary "how to setup Slack CLI for JIRA server" --description "how to setup Slack CLI for JIRA server" --issueType Task --assignee robert --reporter robert

--jira create-issue






--jira comment-issue --issue TEST-1 --comment "do you know when it is read ?"

--jira comment-issue

--issue TEST-1

--jira search --jql "issueType in (Task)"

--jira search

--jql issueType in (Task)

--jira get-issue --key DEMO-1

--jira get-issue

--key DEMO-1