Setup Slack Event subscriptions


  • JIRA user must connect Slack in their JIRA profile and enable the option “allow send message as you option”

Connect Slack user

  1. Navigate to your Jira profile → Click on “Sign in with Slack” button

  2. Click on “Allow send message as you” link

  3. Now your Jira is mapped to your Slack user

Setup Event Subscriptions

  1. Navigate to System → Slack Integration → App setting → Slack CLI tab → Copy url

  2. Navigate to Your Apps → Event Subscriptions → Enable → Paste event url to input field.

  3. Click on Subscribe to bot events → Add message.channels permission

  4. Create a test channel and invite your bot to this channel

  5. Done and your first command e.g : --jira get-issue --key DEV-1