Slack connector for JIRA Cloud

License Agreement

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  • Channel notification base on JQL filter (optional) + events
  • Customize Slack notification message by message builder and send test message feature
  • Slack tab discussion in issue detail
  • Direct message for mention
  • Personalize Slack bot and Slack avatar when displaying channel
  • Can connect multiple Slack team

How to setup Slack channel notification

  1. Login in JIRA Cloud . e.g :
  2. Go to Slack Connector section and click on Global notification

  3. Click on "Add to Slack"

  4. Setup Slack channel by click on setting icon in table

  5. Create an issue or comment issue 

  6. Yay . 

How to setup direct message

  1. Navigate to user profile link . e.g : 

  2. Click on "Sign in Slack"

  3. Create an issue and mention you in issue desciption

How to setup Slack discussion

  1. View issue detail and click on "Slack discussion"

  2. Choose Slack team and then click on setting icon
  3. Enter your wish channel and invite users

  4. Send your message