Apps Script for Jira


Apps Script puts the data you care about at the center of your Jira

App Builder gives you the integration tools to extend the current feature set of any of our App. If your use case requires a resource our App doesn’t currently support, you can easily add it in yourself using App Builder.

Each App starts with a standard set of features, including authentication, events, conditions, app script and audit logs.

Use App Builder to add:

  • Trigger events: Jira issue events, Incoming webhooks, Scheduler
  • Condition : support JQL filter and script expression
  • App Functionality: Data connector supports complex action script and easy interact with other systems by rest api

Extend your needs with app builder

Easy to get Jira projects, Jira users, Service Desk, Organizations and use them in the app template

Connecting is easy. Integrating is hard

Integration can be far harder than you think! It’s more than simply connecting to an API.