Slack connector JIRA Server - Troubleshooting

How can I exclude "generic event" ? 
  • Navigate to project setting
  • Find "Slack integration" link
  • Click on "configure" link on a Slack team
  • Remove "Generic event" out the dropdown

How can I enable Slack tab in issue detail?

How can I send notification to "private channel" ?

Permission for Create Slack Channel, View Slack Tab and Private Channel

How can I modify Slack message notification in channel?Slack Advanced Message Formatting

How can I create,comment,search Jira issues in a Slack channel?Slack CLI
How can I add an channel to blacklist to prevent it from receiving notification?Blacklist channels settings
How can I custom bot name and bot icon?Custom bot name and icon_url

How can I custom fields in Jira?Custom fields

How can I send direct message for someone related to my issue?Direct message

How can I send an invitation to Slack uer?Send an invitation to Slack user

Live chat for Jira issue?Live chat for JIRA Issue

Set up webhooksSlack Outgoing WebHooks