Slack Integration


Integrating to Slack

You can send automatic notifications to a particular slack channel or slack user by connecting Sale CRM to Slack. This can be done to update the team of any types of event happening (new sale, assigned to a user, deal moved to a different stage, etc.)



When you enable the integration with slack (click on the toggle on the right side of the screen, when the switch goes to the right side and the color changes to blue, then it is on), you will be shown a page to link your Slack instance to your Sales CRM.

If you Allow this sync to happen, the integration will then be completed. You will then be able to go back to the Automation Page and set things up



In the Automation Page, you will be able to add Slack as a Result to an event. For example, in the case below, every time a Status to a deal is changed from Open to Closed - Then Slack will send that message to both the #random and #general channel that the deal has updated


Once the integration is created - you will receive a message in the designated Slack Channel once the rule is triggered. In addition, you will be able to look at. the log of the Automation rule to see if the rule triggered correctly.