In this app, you create and access multiple dashboards. These dashboards will be able to help visualize data from your pipeline.


Accessing your dashboard

You can access the dashboard in the left side of the app under the “pie chart” icon.

There, you will be able to see all the widgets that have been created to date.

Adding Widgets

You can add new Widgets by clicking on the “+ Add Widget” on the upper-right section of the dashboard screen.

There are two main types of Widgets to choose from:


Creates a Chart Widget to visualize data from your pipeline


Creates a Grid Widget that shows an overview of deals, contacts, and other fields in a Grid view, from your pipeline


Creates a Goal Widget that helps visualize a goal that has been set in the goals pipeline. Goals are a great way to track progress and ensure that you and your team consistently meet the targets that keep you business running.


Configuring the Widget


When you create a chart, you will be able to configure certain elements:

  • Name of the Chart

  • Chart Type: Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart (there are no difference in settings - the only difference being how the data will be displayed)

  • X Axis: Sale Funnel, Stage, Status, Assignees, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

  • X Axis (what data to display): Count items, Deal Value, Deal Length

  • Calculation Function: Sum, Average, Max, Min

  • Choose Groups: refers to the elements of the X axis. This could be the stage of the funnel, the assignees of the deals, or the status of the deal.

There is also the option to filter the data at the upper right section of the widget settings.


The Grid Widget will be similar to the Grid view of the Deals' section. The idea is to be able to quickly see all the deals that fit a certain criteria.


  • Name of the Chart

  • Grid Type: What funnel will be shown

  • Fields: The fields that you want to display on the grid

  • Field width (px): The size of the columns in pixels

  • Max results: The total amount of deals shown on 1 page (there can be multiple pages, shown in the upper right of the deals)

There is also the option to filter the data at the upper right section of the widget settings.


The Goal widget will display a goal from the Goals section.


  • Name of the widget

  • Goal: Select the goal to be displayed that you’ve created in the Goals section

Adjusting your Widgets

You can adjust the size of the widget by “drag-n-dropping” the bottom right corner of the widget to your desired size (increase or decrease). The dashboard view is a “box” environment that you can fill with as many widgets as can fit that screen.

Widgets can also be moved around and reorganized by drag-n-dropping them to their desired location.


Editing/Deleting your Widgets

You can make changes to your Widgets by going to the upper right corner of a widget and clicking on the “three dots”. This will provide you with the chance to go to the Widget’s settings or to delete the Widget.

Creating a new sale

You can also create a new deal by clicking on the “+ add new sale” in the upper right section of the dashboard section.

This will open a side panel which will ask for the following information: