Contacts typically corresponds to users. They can be attached to deals and to accounts. It is very important to label your information correctly as it will impact your reports and exports.

Navigating to the Contacts Section

While there is a dedicated Contacts section, please note that it is possible to create, select, and organize Contacts in multiple sections of the CRM (Board view, Grid view, Deal view, Account detailed view).

To access the Contacts Section, you will need to click on the “three people” icon on the left side of the screen

There, you will be able to see all your current existing Contacts, and their corresponding information - organized in columns, create new Contacts, and get more details on the people by going into the detailed Contacts view.

Modifying and Reorganizing the columns in the Contacts Section

In the Grid view of the Contacts Section, all of the variables can be shown through columns.

Moving Columns Around

You can move columns around by dragging them to the position of choice (left or right).

Hiding Columns

You can hide a column of your choice by going over one and hovering over it’s name. When the field turns gray, you can click the column and click on the “Hide column” option.


Adding Columns

You can always add the columns you’ve hidden, or add more columns.

By default, not all fields are shown in the Grid view, but it is possible to add them manually afterwards. In addition, it is possible to capture a custom field of your choice by clicking on the “+ New field”

There are two types of fields that you can add: “Text” Field and “Number” field.

  • Text: Text based (e.g: label, department, VAT number, Tax number)

  • Number: Numerical based (e.g: SAP Number field, Hubspot ID, Property Size)

After the new field is created, it will appear as a new column. From there, you can either:

  • Reorganize the column around

  • Hide the Column

  • Edit the field (change the field’s name, delete the field)

Modifying the fields in the Contacts Section

You can click on any field and make edits to the information there simply by clicking in the appropriate field. For example, you can edit the email address simply by clicking on the relevant box. Alternatively, you can make those changes in the “Detailed View”.

Creating an Account in the Accounts Section

You can create a Contact from the upper right section of the screen on the “+ Add new Contact”. From there, a side panel will appear where you can populate the various fields and complete the job by clicking on the “create” button.

Deleting a Contact in the Contacts Section

You can delete a Contact in the Grid view by going on the right side of the Contacts’s name - to the right of the “i” icon. By clicking on the three dots, the option to delete a Contact will happen.

Do note that if you delete a Contact, all the accounts, deals, etc. that contained information from these Contacts will no longer carry the Contact’s information.

In addition, the deleted Contact is not recoverable, so the data will be lost. (the related accounts will be kept in the system).

Going in the detailed view of a Contact

You can access more information on a Contact by clicking on the “i” to the right of the Contact’s name.


The activity tab will display all the changes and addition made to the contact (e.g: change of status, change of owner, change of group, etc.). This is also where you will be able keep your notes

The activity section is meant as a way to keep track on the interaction points with the contact and be able to quickly reference past conversations, tasks, To-dos, etc.

Recent Deals

Recent Deals shows all the deals that have been linked to the contact. Links can be done from the Deals Section.

Recent deals helps keep tab of the recent contracts the contact has been associated with.

Editing the fields

In the detailed view, you can see all the fields available (native and custom). You can make edits to those fields directly on this page.

Do note that you cannot add new custom fields. You will have to navigate to the Grid view in order to add additional custom fields.

Changing View in the Contacts Section

There are two main views in the Contacts section.

By default, you will be in the Grid view. However, there is also the Board view

Grid View

The Grid view is great to have an overview of all your Contacts and to search for a specific one.

You can read more about the Grid view above.

In the Grid view, you can do the following:

  • Create/Hide Columns

  • Move Columns Around

  • Edit fields

  • Delete Contacts

  • Create new Contacts

  • Going to the detailed view of a Contact


Board view

The Board view makes it easier to cluster: Contacts are grouped by Group.

A group is a text variable that can be used as an extra variable to organize your date. This could be used for labeling the source of the contact (lead list, website, event, etc.) , the nature of the projects for the contact (R&D, Custom Development, Consulting), and more.

Similarly to the Board view, you can

  • Create new groups

  • Move Groups around

  • Move Contacts to different groups

  • Create new Contacts

  • Go to the detailed view of a Contact